Licensing music for commercial use can be an expensive and tedious process. The creative elements introduced into a campaign by a custom sound can anchor your branding and increase reach beyond social platforms. Original music gives your brand a unique identity.
Agencies and brands have found that using original audio and music led to a 52% lift in view rate compared to content using registered tracks on platforms like TikTok and Instagram Reels*.
SoundBuilder custom-builds songs for digital advertising and marketing campaigns on TikTok TM, Instagram TM, YouTube TM and other social media platforms for a wide range of clients, including Fortune 500 companies across a variety of industries.
We take your brand message and translate it into a Spotify-worthy song to make your campaign highly shareable, memorable and unique.
  • + Custom, Industry Standard music Composition and Production

  • + Jingle/Lyric Writing

  • + Sound Design

  • + Studio Recording and Engineering

  • + Mixing, Mastering, Re-Mixing

  • coordination with artists, brands, agencies

  • + optimization for various platforms